Kanichenteckel Zwinger Vom Weberschlösschen

Our puppies are raised with us in our home with lots of TLC. From birth on they are handled and cuddled by us and our children. They will be very well socialized with children and other pets. They are also exposed to everyday household noises such as the vacuum cleaner, washing machine, music, kids playing, etc. that will help them later in adjusting, problem free, to their new family.

For us, our dachshunds are more than just dogs, they are members of our family and our "other" kids. It is very important to us that our puppies go to families that have lots of time for their new puppies and make them family members as well.

Our puppies are born in a whelping box in a room right beside the kitchen so we can constantly observe them and be in close contact with them in the very important weeks in their life.

At about 4 weeks of age, or as soon as they are mobile, they are allowed to roam in our big backyard and woods, meet other dogs, discover the world and do what little dachshunds like to do.

Our puppies will leave our home, vaccinated, dewormed, litter-paper trained, and with a health certificate. They will be inspected by the DTK breederswarden and receive a tattoo and registration number that will be entered in the DTK Zuchtbuch in Germany. (breeding registry)

After the puppies leave our home, we always look forward to hearing from our little guys and girls and their families, how they have adjusted, grown and developed. We enjoy every picture and update of our little puppies vom Weberschlösschen.