Kanichenteckel Zwinger Vom Weberschl√ƒƒ√‚¬∂sschen

Welcome to
the Zwerg and Kanichenteckel Zwinger
"vom WeberschlŲsschen"

Our goal is to raise beautiful, and healthy dachshunds,
with correct conformation and stable temperaments.

- Our dogs are imported from Germany and are registered with the Deutsche Teckel Klub -
- Stricly bred according DTK Regulations -


vom Weberschl√ƒƒ√‚¬∂sschen

*Our E4 Litter arrived July 10. 2017 2 boys 1 girl

Our F4 Litter arrived July 11. 2017 1 girls 1 boy*

We are members of the Deutscher Teckel Klub (DTK),
and members of the North American Teckel Club (NATC) a group of the DTK 

Members of:
Deutsche Teckel Klub NATC
Deutsche Teckel Klub
1888 e. V.
x DTK group NATC
(North American Teckel Klub) est. 2000