Kanichenteckel Zwinger Vom Weberschlösschen


History and Characteristics of the Dachshund

The Dachshund ,(also called Teckel or Dackel in Germany) originates from the Bracken, dogs which were used for hunting in the middle ages. Bracken were bred with other dogs that had great ability to hunt. These dogs were bred with dogs that were shorter, low to the ground and would fit in Badger holes and fox dens. Out these dogs the Dachshund appeared.

In the north end of Germany they say Teckel in the south it is the Dackel a combination of Teckel and Dachshund. The Teckel is a well known durable and strong hunting dog in Germany. They have great hunting ability under as well as above ground.

The Teckel comes in three different coats. The smooth, wire and longhair. then there are 3 different sizes.

They are not classified by weight, but by chest circumferences which is measured at a Zuchtschau (Confirmation show) at 15 month. There is the Kaninchen Teckel the smallest out of all three, it has a chest circ 30cm below, the Zwerg is 35cm and then there is the standard that would have a chest circ 35 cm and above.

For more info and pictures see www.dtk1888.de

The Characteristics and Temperament of the Dachshund:

* It is small dog with lots of energy, friendly by nature, loves to
   snuggle with you on the sofa and share your bed.

* Neither nervous nor aggressive with even temperament.  

* He is a passionate hunting dog with an excellent nose, can be use
  under or above ground.

* He is strong and has great endurance, hast lots of heart and

* He can be a real clown and brings lost of smiles and laughter to its

* He is very versatile and adapt easily to its surroundings, he can live
  in the country or appartment. He needs little room to be happy, but 
  does enjoy a yard and going on walks.

* He is a great watch dog and nobody can get unnoticed through
   the 24 hr. Dachshund Security system.

* He is a great playmate to children and a great companion.

* He is a enthusiastic car passenger that loves to ride along where ever
   he is allowed to go along.

* Dachshunds belong to a line of long living dogs 16 years and older
   are common.

 We recommend not to spay and neuter or puppies please read PDF below

We recoomend not to get your puppy spayed or neutered, this is probably the strangest

thing you ever heard and totally opposite what you heard since.
We carefully select our new puppy families and trust that they are respondsible pet owners
Our puppies are all sold as pet quality puppies, and eventhough we like them to stay intact it does 
not mean that they have the permisson to be used for breeding.

Letting them intact for at least 18 month, will be healthier for them and they will
develop a beautiful coat.

If they are spayed or neutered it will ruin the puppy's beautiful
shinny long coat and it will get dull and fuzzy.
Click below and read the longterm effects it can have on a dog if it is spayed or

Longterm Health Effects of   Spaying and Neutering (click for PDF)

Behavior and Physical Effects of Spaying and neutering domestic dogs

Early Spay-Neuter Considerations

This is an example how a pedigree of our puppies from the

Deutsche Teckel Klub looks like DTK Pedigree