Kanichenteckel Zwinger Vom Weberschlösschen

I was born and raised in Neuffen  Germany. When I was about 8 years old I got my first mini longhair dachshund. His name was Yoko vom Bodenbachtal, but we named him Yocky we thought that sounded a lot cuter and was more fitting for a little dog. Yocky was my best friend and loyal companion. He went with me everywhere I went. If my school class had a field trip or hiking day, Yocky went along and everybody loved him. I went by bike he had a little basket in back of the bike and enjoyed the ride with me. When my family and I went to our vacation house in Bavaria , we hiked the "Zugspitze" which is the highest mountain in Germany, Yocky went a long and hiked probably the double amount of miles because he constantly ran back and forth, but his strong four little legs got him there.

When my sister and I played veterinarian, he was our "patient", and was our baby wearing doll cloth and gladly took a ride in the doll stroller. He was just the best and we could do anything with him. Not only was he a great companion he also won many titles at dachshund shows. At that early age I always dreamed of breeding these special little dogs, but at that time it just stayed a dream. The years went by and my family and I had to say good-by to my beloved "Yocky". Since I was about to leave home we decided not to get another dachshund at the time.

Years later I came the USA, got married and we started a family of our own. Since we live on a farm it seems natural to have a dog, and we had several bigger dogs, but none of them worked well with our children. When my mother came to visits from Germany, she suggested that I should get a mini dachshund like my Yocky, a dachshund would be the best for the kids. I knew she was right, but I explained to her that I never seen any here at least none of them looking like the original German dachshunds I was used to.

Well, a few months later my sister came and surprised us all with Dux von der Bahnhofsnähe. and of course the kids unanimous decided he needed to be named Yocky. He fit perfectly in our family and was just like my first Yocky. Two years later my mother surprised us with Ysette von der Bahnhofsnähe which we named Rosie.

Both of these dogs are registered with the DTK (Deutsche Teckel Klub) , VDH (Verein fuer das Deutsche Hundewesen) and FCI (Federarion-Cynologique-International). Around that time I found out that the DTK has a group here in the USA the NATC (North American Teckel Club) which would mean that I could breed and register these original German dachshunds here in the USA under the same guidelines and regulations as a breeder in Germany could. I attended the annual Zuchschau were Yocky and Rosie got their Formwert, their rating and approval to be used for breeding. When it came to choosing a kennel name which is required by the DTK. Weberschlösschen seemed very fitting for these little royal dogs. It means from the little Webercastle.

And now my childhood dream did come true, but it is better than I had ever dream of because I can full fill it with my wonderful husband and children that also adore these beautiful dogs and support me in this adventure.

Through these dogs I meet so many nice people and I learned that it is really true that "Dackelfreunde sind nette Menschen", meaning translated that Dachshundfans are really nice people, and that they have the best dogs in the whole wide world.