Kanichenteckel Zwinger Vom Weberschlösschen

Thank you for your interest in our German Langhaarteckel vom Weberschlösschen. Our goal and commitment  is to produce healthy and sound dachshund puppies with friendly and stable temperaments. Our breeding is carried out using the breeding guidelines of the Deutsche Teckel Klub and FCI (Federation Cynologiqué Internationale) Standard # 148 With these strict guidelines we can only use dogs that are suitable for breeding as outlined in the FCI standard Nr.148.

I did a lot of research about bloodlines before making our selection for dogs  (Health, a correct conformation and sound temperament the most important aspects for us)  that would become our foundation of our breeding program.

I appreciate lots of great advice from my friends in Germany that have many years of experience and that have a successful breeding program themselves, I am very fortunate to have these people on my side because I can call them any time for advice and support. Our breeding program is  overseen by our DTK Chief breed warden, she is aware of every mating and litter born at the Weberschlösschen.

We started out with importing dogs from the motherland of the teckel – Germany. These dogs came out of superior champion lineage and had many titles and very important to us, they are very healthy and came from a healthy lineage.

Breeding these type of dachshunds in the USA  is not very easy, at all. Overall there is lots more involved breeding DTK-FCI dogs. It is often complicated and costly, and at times frustrating because of the strict guidelines. For example we would select a nice puppies out of a litter, only to find out at 6 month that a certain tooth is missing, and that would exclude the puppies from the breeding program.

It involves lots of trips to Germany to carefully select new stud dogs since our gene pool is limited,  or we have to travel to shows to Germany to have our dogs rated, judged and approved to be entered in our breeding program. At this time we are the only DTK approved longhair teckel breeder in the USA and cannot exchange bloodlines with other breeders here in the US.

Often people ask us why we only bred for one color and one coat. We decided to focus on the red longhair and try to do our best to have correct and sound puppies. We do not bred for color but as I mentioned before,  for soundness in their conformation and temperament.

Our DTK Group here in the USA, the NATC (North American Teckel Club) holds an annual Zuchtschau Conformation show where the teckels are judged under a FCI judge, wherein each dog is judged against the standard #148. The judges make detailed evaluations orally and in writing. Dogs entering the breeding program need to pass a temperament test, which is also offered at a conformation show.

The FCI standard also pays keen attention to complete and proper dentition. The Kaninchen and Zwergteckel will be measured and categorized by chest circumference, and the ground clearance is to be one-third of the height at the shoulder. The NATC has appointed a Chief breeders Warden who oversees our breeding program and also inspects and tattoos our litters that will be then registered with the DTK.

At the Zuchtschau the club offers a eye clinic to have dogs checked for of PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and cataracts which is a screening a dog must have before being used in a breeding program.

Even though it is so much more involved, we truly believe this is the only correct way to meet our goal-  to produce healthy, quality puppies with stable minds. We do not have many litters, because this is not how we make our living, this is how we enjoy our lives.

Someday we would like to further our breeding goal a little more… and we hope to have teckels with the a beautiful correct confirmation combined with a great performance, that would be the most ideal!
“In schönster Form-die beste Leistung”

Our NACT pamphlet says it best:
The Dachshund should combine functional soundness with an aesthetically pleasing appearance that avoids extremes. Hunting qualities are an important part of the complete dachshund. Hunting desire and a fine nose must be combined with intelligence, physical fitness, agility and obedience. The NATC promotes these characteristics and the friendly temperaments, in dogs that are both hunters and family companions.

We ourselves do not (yet) hunt with our dogs, but they are great hunters on their own. They constantly hunt in our backyard and when we go out on the fields, having their noses on the ground and if we would let them, bolting ground hogs out of their dens.

We do encourage every new puppy family to participate in hunting seminars and obedience training that is offered by the NATC. Where they can get guidance and practice how to do blood tracking, water test, gun shyness and natural den test.  BHP (Begleidhund Prüfung) which is like a good citizens dog test or basic obedience and it is called the DTK Companion Dog Test. A trained dog will be a happy dog!