D Bar W Equestrian Center  

"As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD" - Joshua 24:15 -

D Bar W Equestrian Center

David and Alexandra Weber are the owners, managers and founders of   D-BAR-W Equestrian Center. In 1979 David started boarding with about 10 stalls and the facility has  been growing ever since, now we are up to 68 stalls and several arenas, and a large training clientele. David trains horses full time and oversees the facility and employees which consists of several qualified instructors, full time barn manager and other stable helpers. With the many years of combined experience of our employees and David's you can be assured that you and your horse will receive the best quality care, and we are continually striving to provide the finest boarding and training facility in the area.


Mission Statement

"There is always freedom in obedience"

"Freedom in Obedience" is the foundational philosophical principle that our program of horsemanship and training are built upon. This truth also applies to humans. As we learn obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ, HE blesses up with a freedom and peace that surpasses all understanding.
D-Bar-W's training program is based on clear communications between horse and rider, and the only way to achieve it is through a cue-based system. A cue is specific request for a specific maneuver. The horses start to realize that a correct response results in "Freedom", or a "release", and their focus and attention is elevated to a new level as they try to find that relaese again!
This principle allows us to build a horse that is less fearful. more willing, more focused, and more content. The beauty of this philosophy is that everyone desires those qualities ini their horse; it truly transcends disciplines.
Horsemanship and safety are our highest priorities here at D-Bar-W. Our goal is to be a complete training and educational facility that can help all discilines to improve their performance. We use our 28 years of experience in developing this philosophy and break it down into easy, understandable steps, andhelp educate our clients on how to appply it to their situation and discipline.
We are passionate about building communication and teamwork between our clients and their horses, and about helping our clients become more confident leaders of the team, rather than anxiously reactive members.
We truly believe the Lord put these magnificent animals here for our enjoyment, and with this philosophy it is amazing how much they can teach us


















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